Best way to set up a Customer Interaction Centre in a Digital Age (No matter the size of your team)

Customer contact

Let’s face it!  Interacting with your market place doesn’t require one tool, it can be done via phone, SMS, live chat, video call, web call, Messenger, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp…

And yet, for most, the tool that immediately comes to mind when setting up the infrastructure is… a phone… “call the local telco and get telephone lines installed!” and “Oh, we need hardware and a team to support this!”

But equipment means Capex, right?  Hiring of a technical support team as well as decisions on what other tools to use, like the CRM, all mean added expenses. And so the expense list goes on…


What you really need in this digital age, is an easy-to-implement, secure, cloud-based customer interaction platform that integrates your telephony, your client data, all your omnichannel tools, and has an onboard CRM.

What you want is to type in a URL and have access to an intuitive customer interaction platform ANYWHERE, ANYTIME, and on ANY DEVICE.

Clients’ expectations are very high nowadays, and we know that being customer-centric and responsive in changing times is key to effective customer interactions.

So, what if you had a tool that could replace expensive infrastructure, reduce your capital expenditure, increase your productivity, and save up to 50% in the process?

What if your agents could work both from home and on premises without an impact on results?

What if you had a team of experts taking care of all your customer contact technology needs?

BlueCloudTech is a global platform, an intelligent application with complex algorithms in the back end but a simple-to-use interface for agents, and a user-friendly dashboard for managers that increases oversight with insightful and relevant reporting.

If you already have a system in place and are concerned about ‘change’, you will be pleased to know that this near self-serve application is guaranteed to give you an effortless transition. It is easy to install and seamlessly integrates with current systems due to its flexible and scalable nature. Your agents’ work will be simplified and all communication tools will be at their fingertips. No major change management programmes needed!

A smooth transition, yet a leap from traditional to the latest innovation!

A fully GDPR and POPI compliant cloud solution hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) means the highest level of security in the world.

Training can be done in a day as the software is user-friendly and creates a great experience for your customer contact agent. You can say goodbye to frustrated customers because you can now transfer the call and data simultaneously, send instant emails, send SMS or auto-read a contract, and much more.

In other words – say ‘Hello’ to smooth client interactions…

No matter the size of your team. This is a great business solution for boosting your future-ready (or pandemic-ready) strategy. Applications have provided businesses with solutions for the last decade with great success. Adoption of CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) was a mere 2% in 2011 and today stands at 56% – that’s a staggering leap.

Don’t let the fear of change be the reason you don’t want to make the leap – why not embrace the new, and we will support you through it?

Truly, a customer interaction platform ‘in a box’ at a very affordable monthly subscription rate!

If you’d like to chat about either setting up a customer contact centre or how to change to BlueCloudTech, please fill in this contact form and we’ll happily give you a free demo.

*Wiehe Communications is a proud reseller of BlueCloudTech*