Why choose Wiehe Communications?


Wiehe Communications is an interactive communications agency that operates at the intersection of finance, marketing, sales and information technology.

In my years in the corporate world, this intersection became obvious to me – perhaps it was more of a chasm – and was first observed between the marketing and finance departments. Turns out they don’t speak the same language! Must be all those acronyms in Finance😁

What appeared to be a small error to the marketing person – like using a comma instead of a full stop – was in fact the difference between millions and billions to the finance person. It’s in this space where my skills were honed and where our strategy was born. This niche not only helps both sides work better together but we write and communicate the Finance message that is palatable to all audiences – the aim of the marketing and communications team.

Here at Wiehe Communications, we blend the creativity of the marketing department, thoughtful analysis garnered over many years of behaviour and psychology research, sector-specific expertise (or departmental-specific as in the Finance example) and we look at ways to bring your communication objectives to life. This, coupled with our varied capabilities ranging from writing to research to project management, as well as choosing the right communication channel or software option, is instrumental in the success of your messaging.

Whether the channel you use is a presentation, website, email, conference, specific technology, social media, custom app or event, we are there to help make a bigger impact. Perhaps the solution to your investor or customer communication objectives entails using software or creating custom apps, Wiehe Communications has these technologies and are always on the look out for new and innovative solutions to meet your communication needs.

When your objectives and channels are identified correctly it can not only assist educating and servicing your stakeholders, but also gain valuable feedback to assist in running your business more effectively. This can then turn interactions and communications into gold.

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