Save as much as 50% on your customer interaction CAPEX spend with our cloud-based solution

Do you interact with your clients at least 80% of the time?

We offer better communications with our affordable cloud-based technology. Voice. Email. Chat. Social Media.

Why do you still have a massive hardware spend and on premises systems in times like these?

BlueCloud is a cost effective all-in-one solution with a built-in mini CRM. With our omni-channel solution, BlueCloud is your one stop shop for all customer conversations. Your privacy and security is paramount to us, and in addition to running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other top tier cloud platforms, BlueCloud offers both encrypted data and voice capabilities.

No hardware required. No change programme needed. Just plug and play.

BlueCloud does not require any physical space nor any special equipment on your premises. This not only saves you a considerable CAPEX investment, but also reduces your ongoing maintenance cost. All you need is a reliable internet connection and your team could be located anywhere – either 500 in a single contact centre or everyone working remotely.

Your browser is your phone with WebRTC. Supported by Apple, Google, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft and Opera among others, Real-Time Communication for the Web (WebRTC) is a framework which allows communication tools to run smoothly directly in the browser without additional software. BlueCloud offers this to all clients, delivering crystal clear audio with absolutely no hassle.


Implement Instantly


Designed for management
No techies required

campaign data

Realtime access to
all campaign data

no hardware

No hardware required

no contract

No Contract Period

lead management

Seamless leads

phone mobility

Full mobility. Accessible
anywhere – on any device

global infrastructure

Global infrastructure with
tier 1 cloud security


Fully scalable
to your needs